How to fix pageok error in WordPress website

Fix pageok error in WordPress

Are you working on hosting a site or transferring a site to your hosting account at Godaddy, and even though everything seems like it’s set up right, all that’s showing up on the page is “pageok” on a blank white screen?

It usually looks like the below example code when you see the page souce:

<!-- pageok -->
<!-- managed by puppet - hostingcms02 -->

Solving The ‘Pageok’ Error With GoDaddy WordPress Hosting

Actually, this issue is very simple. The pageok WordPress error message will occur when there is a record in DNS that is pointing to your hosting server, but the domain name is not set up in your hosting account.  This issue only affects Linux hosting accounts. There are two possible solutions:

  • Set the Domain Name in Hosting
  • Is the “Hosted Domain” Pending

To fix the problem, the GoDaddy customer care guys simply removed the primary domain and replaced it with the temporary domain for the hosting.

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